Why save nickels now?
The metals in the nickel coin can be worth more than the face value of the coin.

This reminds Me of what happened with silver coins.  
In the 1960's and 70's, certain people pulled silver coins out of circulation and then cashed them in for their melt down metal value or traded.   The trading was based on the value of silver in the coins in relation to face value; such as "5x face value". Today, silver coins are more than 22x face value. Those people who had foresight did well.

The nickel coin has the potential of having more value in the metals than in the face value of the coin itself. This has already happened in recent years.

Today's nickel has the same weight and contains the same amount of nickel and copper as it did back in 1866 when a nickel would buy two loaves of bread or a pound of beef. Agricultural laborers got paid Nineteen dollars "per month" without room and board and only Seventeen dollars in 1879.

Basis of Value
Nickel coins contain

Ten rolls of nickels weight 2000 grams and have a face value of $20.00.

There are roughly 454 grams in each pound.

Therefore, there are 3.30 lbs of copper and 1.10 lbs of Nickel in 10 rolls of Nickels.

Calculate Value
For example, in December of 2010, the prices were:
Copper $4.09/lb
Nickel $10.91/lb

3.3 lbs @ $4.09/lb = $13.50
1.1 lbs @ $10.91/lb = $12.00
Total Metal value = $25.50

Current Metal Prices can be found at these web sites:
www.mine.mn icmj.com

Unlimited potential!

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SaveNickels .info

For example on April 18, 2011,
10 rolls of nickels having a face value of $20
had metal content value as follows:

3.3 lbs Copper @ $4.24/lb = $13.99
1.1 lbs Nickel @ $11.84/lb = $13.02

Total metal value of $27.01

Therefore, that day, for every $20 set aside in nickel coins
there was $7 more value in the metals contained in the coins.

That is a 35% gain.

Ten Rolls of Nickels
(Original $20 Monetary Face Value)
Metal Prices Metal Value Total
Metal Value
Copper Nickel Copper Nickel
071207 $3.00* $12.50* $9.90 $13.75 $23.65*
080301 $4.00* $15.00* $13.20 $16.50 $29.70*
100107 $3.40* $8.00* $11.20 $8.80 $20.00*
101207 $4.09 $10.91 $13.50 $12.00 $25.50
110106 $4.50* $12.50* $14.85 $13.50 $28.35*
110421 $4.36 $12.09 $14.39 $13.30 $27.69
120202 $3.90* $9.70* $12.87 $10.67 $23.54*
120422 $3.68 $8.05 $12.14 $8.86 $20.99
120729 $3.44 $7.24 $11.35 $7.96 $19.31
121228 $3.60 $7.80 $11.88 $8.58 $20.46
130215 $3.72 $8.28 $12.28 $9.11 $21.39
131210 $3.24 $6.35 $10.69 $6.99 $17.68
140915 $3.10 $8.18 $10.23 $9.00 $19.23
150819 $2.28.10 $4.68 $7.52 $5.15 $12.67
160410 $2.12 $3.84 $7.00 $4.22 $11.22
Future ? ? ? ? ?

It is just a matter of time that the metals will turn up in price again as a resuilt of the increasing US debt and the inflationary measures already put into play.

People from all walks of life
at any economic level
can increase their holdings value
when measured against Federal Reserve Notes.

The values given and the
information provided herein
are approximate and subject to change
at any time.

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is an information web site whereby one can learn the true value of nickels. Having this kind of information, one can profit from the continuing devaluation of the dollar. Today, one can divest cash into nickel coins while they still can be obtained at face value and the content of the coin still remains the same.

Prior to 1964,
copper price was
only 40 cents
a pound or less

Save now
for the future!

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